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We help struggling obedience handlers to get further with their training so that they can enjoy their passion with their dogs so that they can achieve their dreamed dogsport level with joy and motivation.


"I know how it is to be alone without someone leading you, support you, help you and loosing passion for the thing you love. I have been there too. I almost gave up on dogsports because everyone told me, that I am not good enough, my dog is not good enough or that I will never get to the sport level I dreamed of. It was hard to get where I am now and thats why I am now on a mission to help others to get there too." Jana

Get Inspired. Dream Big. Take Action.

The story

My first dog was rhodesian ridgeback. He weighted more that I did (back then). And he was perfectly fine just on his own. But I somehow loved to work with animals. I trained our cats before - they came for recall, they did retrieve and also heelwork! And then I got this stubbodn big dog, who changed like a weather in April and to motivate him, I had to be more creative, than Art director! I remember very well, that I got very lucky with the instructor at the local dog club. He supported me, he helped me, adviced me and when I was able to teach this uneasy dog something, he celebrated with me and our whole training group. I have to honestly say, that I miss this now. I have perfect sport dogs now, I am at the top level, but I have just a few people, who really truly celebrates our team work. And I know, that there is more people on this journey - maybe they are not at the top (yet!), but we all need support, advice and honest support. 

I started training other handlers, we had fun, we had results and it felt just great! But then my condition started to get worse, preventing me to manage my work, studies, my own dogs and also helping others all together. Thats how this project started! 

Why we do what we do

I started with first virtual trainings for my students during pandemy and it worked very good! Then, when it was over, I started again with giving trainings and seminars. But I cannot be everywhere and at the time everyone needs me. I know that there are awesome dog handlers outhere, who would love to train, but there is no trainer in their area. So they do not have any help in their process. They have noone to motivate them in their work. And I know that this is very hard. Thats how the idea of virtual trainings open for everybody started. Like this everybody could have the opportunity to train and we could see more very good handlers in our sport!

Now - I know that people are usually spectical to new things and dog sport people will not be different. So I will just put one thing here to think about:

No matter how good your methods are on how to teach your dog a specific exercise step by step, you still have to think for yourself, because you are 50% of the team. Of course, you will be using the trainer's valuable knowledge and advice and applying it to your training, but the trainer will never be with you 24/7, so it's up to you to think carefully and keep everything in mind during training. And this will push you to concentrate not only on the dog, but also on yourself, on your body position, on the position in which you reward and on the overall expression.

What is dog sport and dog training giving us as humans?

The dogs sport is at the end the lifestyle. Its improving the quality of your life by giving you regural movement outside on the fresh air. You are cleaning your head on walks. Dogs are great teachers of living in present moment. And during training you can experience something called the flow. 

Here is how you can contact us:

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