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how much does it cost?

You can now get the complete Obedience Kickstart course (14 weeks) for a discounted price of 299 EUR, before the price goes up! 


Price includes:

  • Proven training methodology, divided into 12 modules

  • 36 video tutorials in total

  • Bonuses

  • Recordings of regular live coaching calls

  • Motivation

  • Feedback not only on your training, but also on the training of other course participants, which will also inspire and move you forward

  • Training plan 

  • A clear elaboration and explanation of the rules for each exercise

  • FREE DAC Club membership for a month after the course (All videos, recordings, bonus tips and valuable advice are available here.)



If you need help with a specific topic e.g. heelwork - we have the option to purchase just one month of the course for 119 EUR which covers that topic.


If you feel that an individual approach is a better option for you, we have options for you to train individually directly with Jana. You will get your first lesson for free:)

Obedience kickstart - 14weeks

299 EUR

Obedience kickstart - 4weeks/1month

119 EUR

Individual Training - 1 lesson


Individual Training - via speaking

39 EUR

Individual Training - via messages

49 EUR

Individual Training - VIP Program

790 EUR

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