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Your personal trainer online

Treat yourself with individual approach and the eyes of an experienced trainer and seasoned competitor.

  • Do not like group courses?

  • Do you want the full attention of a trainer all to yourself?

  • Do you need a clear training plan that I always adjust to your needs and possibilities?

  • Do you lack motivation for regular training?

  • Do you want visible results?

In that case, individual online training is just for you.

I'll help you move a little closer to your dream goal with each training while enjoying the entire training journey. Exactly at your own pace, step by step according to your personal needs and preferences, and of course with your dog partner in mind.

Who is individual training suitable for?

This type of training is suitable for all handlers who want to move forward in dog sports training in a systematic and meaningful way. It can be used by both the complete beginner and the experienced competitor who needs to pick up the small details. 

FCI Obedience

obedience competition, training, aport, direct retrieve

What can I help you with?

IGP Obedience

IGP obedience, IGP competition, IGP dog training

IGP Tracking

IGP tracking, dog training, tracking dog

The magic of working individually is that we can address whatever you need. Whether it's individual exercises, focus, motivation, specific problems or anything else, everything will always be your way.

What sports can I help you with:

Why should I be the one to give you advice?

I have passed the highest exams in Obedience, IGP, and tracking with my dogs and have been competing in the highest competitions for many years.  Similarly, many of my students have passed the highest exams under my guidance and are actively competing. 
If you are interested in more information about me, you can find it here.





What are the options for individual training?

This type of exercise is like a classic lesson with me during a personal training session or seminar. Just make a video beforehand and we will go through it together piece by piece. I'll give you feedback on everything, plan the next steps in the training process, or suggest a solution to a problem we uncover. If you only need to solve something theoretically, no video is needed. 

Online training - call meeting 
(1 session / 30 min)

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