Get your personal online dog training mentor

Because I once was at your place and I can help you!

Are you stacked with your training? Do you know all the right methods, but it's still not working for you, your dog and your training goals? Would you like to have someone who guides you and motivates you?
I can help you to get back on the track. To get again better with each training and enjoy the progress. Exactly with your own tempo, your needs, step by step to your dream sport level. 

Train with me!


  • How would you feel when you would finally understand, where exactly is the issue in your training

  • The relief when you would finally know, that you can now proceed with your training

  • This fulfilment when you would get to your dream dog sport level

  • How proud would you feel when you would stand there with your dog after the successful exam

  • This happiness when you would get the first trial title

  • To have someone who supports you and motivates you on your journey

The gap between this imagination and the point where you are now can be skipped. I was once at your place and I did all those mistakes already. Now I know how to solve them. And I will be happy to help you.


  • Our cooperation can be set to fit exactly your needs and style, so let me know!

  • Video calls to talk about your training struggles, right method - because talking is the main part of each training lesson, I think you know what I am talking about :))

  • And if you do not like to call, we can write!

  • Together with talking or writing, we will need your training videos.

  • You will get the feedback, advices, help and motivation.

  • Easy, right? So train with me!

FCI Obedience

obedience competition, training, aport, direct retrieve

... Apart from many of my awesome students, with my own dogs I compete at top OB3 level

What can I help you with?

IGP Obedience

IGP obedience, IGP competition, IGP dog training

... Apart from awesome my students, with my own dogs I compete at top IGP3 level

IGP Tracking

IGP tracking, dog training, tracking dog

... Apart from my awesome students, with my own dogs I compete at top FH2 level

Would you like to have feedback and an experienced set of eyes on your training work?


Private coaching can provide you tips and advices on any of obedience or tracking issues and help you to get further in your way!

Online Training
(via speaking)

This type of training is like classic training with me during normal lesson or seminar and very effective way of training. You don't have to drive anywhere (= you safe driving expensive) and still get all of my help and knowledge). You can send me your training video in advance during registering for a time which suits you or we can watch it together during our lesson.


Online consultation via Google Meet (Skype or Zoom also possible). Do not be afraid about technical part - we will send you a detailed description, about how to do it, in email! First lesson is for FREE! :)

The price of one lesson is 39eur

Online Training (via writing)

Do you need regular trainings or to help just with one specific issue? This solution is here for you! Send me your training video and receive my feedback via email. The feedback will go into small details and includes the mistakes I see and why it is important to correct them, solution about how to do it and advice for future.

This is an option is right for you, if you don't want to train via online calls/meetings and prefer just writing. 

The price of one video review is 49eur

VIP Training Program
(12 lessons)

An intensive three month programme where I will use coaching to help you set training goals, get to know your dog and then change your training to suit you both and move you towards your goals. Includes complex preparation of you and your dog, training plan exactly to your needs, my knowledge, methods and your training reviews. So if you want a major change in your training, whether it's in relationships, confidence, or passing exams and competing, this program is the right choice for you!

The price of the traning program is 790eur

Are you not sure, which option is the best for you? Write me! 

Are you not sure about the technical part - how to record videos or how to manage online meetings? Write me!

There is a solution for each of your questions, do not be shy - I am here for you and happy to help. 

Always remember - I was once at your place:)


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