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Online and offline sport dog training


Improve and have fun at the same time


Does any of this sound familiar?..

  • You have a cool dog that's loaded with energy and potential, but you have no idea how to work with him!

  • You've been to a dog school or seminar, but came home overwhelmed with information, and don't know what to do next..

  • You've tried other resources that only show when things go to plan, and you need help to problem solve..

  • You are craving instruction that is available to you step by step..

  • Or maybe, you just want to have fun and get to know your dog better


A targeted online resources, dedicated to the training and handling of sport dogs

DAC TRAINING ONLINE will help you with:

  • Structured, step by step instruction

    • We show you where to start, what to do next, and plenty of alternatives if things aren't going to plan.​

  • Lots of different dogs

    • Every dog is a little different. During courses you can see dogs of all ages, with varying temperaments and levels of ability.​

  • Problem solving​

    • Having trouble? Happens to the best of us! We don't just tell you how to problem solve, we show you.​

  • Success tips

    • Endless tips and tricks for setting you and your dog up for success.​

Meet the team..

We are Jana and Markéta. We do ..

More recently, we have launched DOG TRAINING ONLINE called DAC. 

We are very proud of our dogs, our training and our animals, and get a lot of satisfaction out of sharing quality genetics, training methods and training methods with others.


What makes DAC DOG TRAINING ONLINE different?

  • We live and breathe this stuff

    • Whether it's on the job, training a dog, conducting a dog school, or competing at a dog trial, we love it!

  • New ideas created regularly

    • We are always training and working on new stuff. This means more, and better content for our students.

  • Relatable

    • We are real people, with real challenges, just like you. We can relate to your journey because chances are, we've been there too!

  • Feedback

    • Have your questions answered directly in the lessons, or put it up for discussion in our community or directly to the trainer.

  • Our full commitment

    • ​We will never be finished learning and improving! As we continually get better, so will DAC DOG TRAINING ONLINE!​​

Who is Jana?.. and why is he qualified to help me with my dog?..

Jana Grešová

I help dog handlers to start their dog sport journey so that they can get to their dreamed sport level and enjoy the process with their dog partners.

My dog handler path started back in 2006 when my first dog was born. It was not en easy dog, very stubborn, big and hardly motivated. But he was also my biggest teacher. My beginning was pretty tough with a dog like this, but without him, I wouldn't be where I am today. 

My next dogs took me at top sport levels as a rocket because I used what I learned, and they were able to understand, what I wanted them to do. Together we  started at several World Obedience Championships and biggest IGP Competitions. I have titled dogs in obedience, tracking, IPO/IGP, conformation and agility.

When I started to lead other dog handlers, the progress and results they have achieved were so fulfilling for me, so I decided to help more handlers on their way. That's how this course idea started! 

With every dog I learned something new and now I am giving my methods to you, so you dont have to make training mistakes I did, but have a clean processs, which will help you to your dog sport career.


Help at every stage of your sport dog journey..

  • Key concepts

  • Transformation to sport dog

  • Competition training

  • Tips and problem-solving

What we offer

  • Online courses

    • Want to learn basic, focus, play and have fun?

    • Want to learn how the catch attention of your dog during sport?​

    • Want to learn solid basics for sport training?

  • Individual online training

    • Need personal approach and the trainer just for you?​

  • Regural in person trainings

    • Online is not for you? Go for regular in person trainings!​

  • In person Seminars

    • Want to spend day or two with intensive in person work and also watch other teams? ​

    • Regular trainings are too far from you? 

    • Follow dates of seminars near your place or write me to book me for few days and I will come!

Not sure if DAC DOG TRAINING ONLINE is right for you?

is For..

  • You're new to sport dogs, and not sure how to get started?..

  • You've been getting mixed results with your dogs, and you know there is room for improvement..

  • You're an experienced sport dog handler, looking to take your dogs to the next level..

  •  Action takers! If you're keen to learn, and willing to put this new knowledge into practice, you will love DAC DOG TRAINING ONLINE!


Not sure if DAC RAINING ONLINE is right for you?

is NOT For..

  • People looking for a simple secret, short cut or quick fix.. If you aren't willing to invest some time, effort and consistency into yourself and your dogs, we are not the right choice for you.

  • If you know it all about sport dog training already.. If you know it better, we can't help you.

What others are saying about us..

  • We have helped lot of handlers get results with their dogs through our sport dog training methods.

Frequently asked questions..

Ready to chose your training option?

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