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4weeks online course

sport dog

Learn how to catch the attention of your dog during training.


What you will learn

  • Step by step instruction on how to develop a dog, who is paying you attention during training. 

  • You will figure out what is actually motivating your dog and how to work on the harder training conditions or situations.

  • You will learn how to react when your dog is or is not cooperating with you and how to motivate your dog and have fun together.

  • You will learn how to train your dog with understanding and how to work on mutual bond.

Who is the course for?

 This course is for dog owners who are beginners in a dog sport or just want to start one and are struggling with focus and lack of attention in their dogs during training and who would love to have mutual understanding and joy of working together.

Where and when?

  • Next round is planned for next year :)

  • Privat Facebook group

Who will teach you?

Jana Grešová

I help dog handlers to start their dog sport journey so that they can get to their dreamed sport level and enjoy the process with their dog partners.

My dog handler path started back in 2006 when my first dog was born. It was not en easy dog, very stubborn, big and hardly motivated. But he was also my biggest teacher. My beginning was pretty tough with a dog like this, but without him, I wouldn't be where I am today. 

My next dogs took me at top sport levels as a rocket because I used what I learned, and they were able to understand, what I wanted them to do. Together we  started at several World Obedience Championships and biggest IGP Competitions. I have titled dogs in obedience, tracking, IPO/IGP, conformation and agility.

When I started to lead other dog handlers, the progress and results they have achieved were so fulfilling for me, so I decided to help more handlers on their way. That's how this course idea started! 

With every dog I learned something new and now I am giving my methods to you, so you dont have to make training mistakes I did, but have a clean processs, which will help you to your dog sport career.


Learn how to catch the attention of your dog during training!

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