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Check the most common sport dog training mistakes and how to fix them.

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We would like to help you to rock in your dog sport with short training tips, sometimes longer blog posts and also tell you about options how you can work with us and accelerate your training during the short time of our mutual cooperation

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Here's What You'll Learn!

What you maybe do wrong

And I do it too! But its good to realize it and then remind it time to time. Because we all tend to forget!

How to do it right

What works for me and my students and you can use it too!

Tip what to change to be even better

Easy to use tip which will enables you to be even better in your training!

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Peace of Mind: Most of us were never taught how to train dog sport properly. We're changing that. Our sport dog training education is designed to help you master your training and enjoiny time with your dog partner - either with using our tips and advices or with more target personal help.

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