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4weeks online course

Four steps to get motivated Obedience dog

We all want motivated dogs!

Here you will learn how to create one​


What you will get

  • In this course you will learn how to create obedience dog with motivation and focus

  • You will find out what motivates exactly your dog

  • Create happy dog in the ring

  • Learn how to build a concentration even without visible reward

  • In the course you will learn how to work with motivation

  • You will get support, instructions and feedback

  • And you can also learn from others

Who is the course for?

  • If you are obedience begginer or you already started in begginer exams or class 1

  • You don't know how to work with the motivation and concentration

  • Your dog lack motivation or concentration in the training or in the competition ring

  • You would like to learn more about different types of rewards and how to use them correctly

The course is not for you when

  • You already compete at class 2 or higher

  • You have a lot of knowledge about motivation and concentration topic - you will be bored here, as we will start since bacisc

  • You already work with different types of rewards and how to use them correctly

How will the course work?

  • Every Monday you will find new video and materials in our close club sections. We will also meet on a close DAC community forum and on a regular online meetings. 

Who we are?

Jana Grešová

I help dog handlers to start their dog sport journey so that they can get to their dreamed sport level and enjoy the process with their dog partners.

My dog handler path started back in 2006 when my first dog was born. It was not en easy dog, very stubborn, big and hardly motivated. But he was also my biggest teacher. My beginning was pretty tough with a dog like this, but without him, I wouldn't be where I am today. 

My next dogs took me at top sport levels as a rocket because I used what I learned, and they were able to understand, what I wanted them to do. Together we  started at several World Obedience Championships and biggest IGP Competitions. I have titled dogs in obedience, tracking, IPO/IGP, conformation and agility.

When I started to lead other dog handlers, the progress and results they have achieved were so fulfilling for me, so I decided to help more handlers on their way. That's how this course idea started! 

With every dog I learned something new and now I am giving my methods to you, so you dont have to make training mistakes I did, but have a clean processs, which will help you to your dog sport career.


If you feel, that individual training would be better choice for you,  continue here  


As we all need help on our journey, I have got one too. This is my right hand, who is helping me to handle and coordinate everything:

Markéta Podlasová

I felt love and interest in dogs since childhood, but I got my first dog friend only in 2018. As a new enthusiastic handler, I immediately wanted to try all kinds of dog sports, including Obedience, which literally enchanted me. But as a complete layman and beginner handler, I did a lot of mistakes in the dog, I was constantly spinning in a vicious circle of the same exercises and I did not know how to proceed. Instead of joy, I felt frustrated and doubted if this sport was the right one for us. It was Jana who showed me how easy and effective it is to train and make obedience fun for the dog and me. And that wasn't easy at all! Unfortunately, my dog friend turned out to be a reactive dog who has a really strong problem with concentration and work when there are foreign dogs near him. But even this reality did not stop us, and step by step we went through the individual exercises and moved to the dream goal. So yes - obedience IS POSSIBLE even with a reactive dog! It's not easy, but it's definitely not IMPOSSIBLE.


Another big change came in 2020, when I got my second dog friend, with whom it was clear since he was born, what awaited him in his life - the Obedience path. That's why I went step by step from the very beginning, following the instructions we describe in this course, and it was clear to me, that this was the right way to get in the ring a dog, who would do the exercises fast, precisely and still have fun.

How I will get feedback on my training? 

For each week I will create a thread in the Members group, where you can post your training video. I will provide you feedback and tips what to improve.

When we will meet at online meeting?

We will meet every Wednesday from 18pm online and I will post a recorded video into the course Member group. If you cannot come and meet live, you can post your question into the goup and I will answer it during the call, so you can watch it later. 

Do you have any other questions?

How much time do I need for the course?

You can have your own pace during the course. Lections are organized step by step, so you will not get lost and you will always have a plan what to do. You acn also choose only those lection which are actually most needed for you. 

How I will get my question answered?

For every week I will create thread in the Members group, where you can ask questions, which will be answered during our weekly online meetings. If you cannot come to the meeting, its fine, your question will be answered and you can watch the video later in the Memebers group or in your client section. 

Where is the course happeining?

All materials and videos will be on the client section here at the DAC website and in the Members group, where you can also post your training videos and ask questions. 

How much does it cost?

You can now get this course completely free if you agree to fill in weekly surveys and provide feedback!

What if I have more questions?

Just leave me an email at! I will asnwer as soon as possible.

In this course you will learn how to create obedience dog with motivation and focus. You will get support, instructions and feedback - and you can also learn from others:)

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