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Who we are?

Jana Grešová

Dog training is my passion and love to train my dogs and teach my students to train theirs! I believe that working with your dog will bring you new perspective, joy, and that you can achieve both technique and fun at the same time! Focus and energy are possible outcomes for everyone, who is willing to put an effort to this beautiful sport. I can help you with technique of exercises and to better understand behaviours and emotions of your dog, so you can create a power team together. 

Sport obedience doesn't have to be boring, if you have the right methods and learn how to understand your dog. I can teach you how to do it. How to get this energy and focus into your training. This is what I do!



Dog training is not about magic or one method fits all. Thats why I spend last 17 years at training fields with many different dogs, handlers, sports and services. I showed my own dogs at the world level rings and helped my students to get there too.

  • Competed at several World Championships

  • Competed at Nationals in Obedience 3, IGP 3 and tracking

  • Passed more than 20 3-part IGP exams and dozens of obedience exams

  • My students competed at World championships, Nationals and passed many exams including OB3, IGP3 or FH2

  • Studied Dog breeding at University

  • I receive ongoing education about dog training from international trainers

Markéta Podlasová

I felt love and interest in dogs since childhood, but I got my first dog friend only in 2018. As a new enthusiastic handler, I immediately wanted to try all kinds of dog sports, including Obedience, which literally enchanted me. But as a complete layman and beginner handler, I did a lot of mistakes in the dog, I was constantly spinning in a vicious circle of the same exercises and I did not know how to proceed. Instead of joy, I felt frustrated and doubted if this sport was the right one for us. It was Jana who showed me how easy and effective it is to train and make obedience fun for the dog and me. And that wasn't easy at all! Unfortunately, my dog friend turned out to be a reactive dog who has a really strong problem with concentration and work when there are foreign dogs near him. But even this reality did not stop us, and step by step we went through the individual exercises and moved to the dream goal. So yes - obedience IS POSSIBLE even with a reactive dog! It's not easy, but it's definitely not IMPOSSIBLE.


Another big change came in 2020, when I got my second dog friend, with whom it was clear since he was born, what awaited him in his life - the Obedience path. That's why I went step by step from the very beginning, following the instructions we describe in this course, and it was clear to me, that this was the right way to get in the ring a dog, who would do the exercises fast, precisely and still have fun.

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