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Online and offline sport dog training

We train sport dogs.

We love it and we live for it.

And we will teach you how to train systematically, with joy and how to achieve your desired result.


What we will teach you now

At trainings and seminars we meet very skilled people and their dogs. But sometimes they are hindered in their training and progress by very simple things.

I'm sure they would have figured them out in time too, but since they are very repetitive, we've listed them in the ebook. It's available to you for free here:

What we can help you with

​​We will help you with dog sports training (obedience/IGP/tracking) from the very basics to the most difficult exercises and training sequences. All clearly, systematically, thoughtfully and using proven training methods.

You can be guided from the very beginning, or you can have a solution to your specific problem. We've solved a lot during last 17 years and we can help you too!


Do you want to give your training order, purpose and a clear goal no matter what stage of training you are in?

We currently have for you:


Focused sport dog 

online course

  • Learn how to catch the attention of your dog

Individual problem solving

1:1 indivual training

  • Target training plan 

  • Specific adapted methods an steps


Play dogsport with focus

online course

  • Full focus during exercises and between them?

  • Learn this!


Regular trainings and seminars

offline training

  • Regularly updated dates

  • Write me where I should come!


Kickstart exercises

online course

  • In preparation!

  • Step-by -step building of exercises

What others are saying about us..

We received following feedback on the launch of the first runs of our courses, which definitely motivated us and we will improve them even more so that you can benefit from them too!

What to be updated about news?

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